What is a Golden Raven site?

What is the Golden Raven Initiative?

The Golden Raven branding initiative was created to promote cultural tourism offerings within the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George. It is part of a larger cultural plan developed in 2006 by the organization and establishes a five-year vision for sustained growth and management of arts, culture and heritage within the area.

The priority for Golden Raven is to create greater exposure for the participating attractions and promote travel in the region overall. The Golden Raven was developed in consultation with local and provincial stakeholders and was officially launched May 2008. A three year marketing strategy includes print advertising, brochures, posters, signage, website and billboards.

The participating attractions access annual funding from the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George and will receive training specific to promotion of the Golden Raven identity. Initially, there were eight participants in the inaugural program. In 2010 the program was expanded to include other cultural facilities outside the jurisdiction of the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George that meet the Golden Raven accreditation criteria for a total of ten participating facilities.

What makes the Golden Raven distinct is that it recognizes the shared historical and cultural roots of north central British Columbia while celebrating each attraction's unique cultural offerings.Each visitor will leave our region with a clear sense of our pioneer past and cultural present.

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